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November 8, 2006

Gang Stalking and the Demise of Moral Consciouness

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Gang Stalking of individuals is proving that the conduit that connects gang stalking activities go well beyond the criminal elements of society, and calls into question the moral consciousness of today, while at the same time undermining foundations of the constitution and democracy. The tactics used by gang stalkers can go well beyond harassment. Documenting one victims experience from China to Denver.

Gang stalking has been defined as protracted covert harassment perpetrated by strangers and directed at a single person. As this crime is beginning to redefine the meaning of democracy, or absence of it, for the victims, the tacitics of gang stalking are proving to go far beyond that which would typically fall into the definition of harassment. The very fact that this horrible crime can be done for years on end, to one individual, without any intervention from law enforcement, should be enough for public concern.

See Gang stalking Summery:
http://informport. blogspot. com

The pervasiveness of gang stalking assaults points to a criminality that has been able to invade life nationally, as well as international, intruding into all regions of an individuals everyday life. This may undermine what we have come to see as the modern definition of law and order. The Connectedness of gang stalking groups, and their activities, a well understudied phenomena within criminology, may prove to be something very postmodern, something that extends from the criminal into the general public, and something that is redefining moral consciousness, as well mannered law abiding people in a community may be brought into perpetrating the crimes of gang stalking.

Gang Stalking is truly a crisis, in that innocent individuals who are targeted are attacked with psychological violence, harassments, and pervsive slandering initiatives, that are successful, yet all is done in a covert fashion, and this causes targeted individuals to become alienated from constitutional rights and liberties that would otherwise be used in their defense.
Law enforcement is recruited into these campaigns and used in stalking pracitces as well, and such recruitments rely heavily and solomly upon the distortions of reality concerning targets, as well as outright fabrications.  

Criminality is supplanting law enforcement.

What does democracy become when a group of criminals can influence commoners as well as law enforcement officials, and infiltrate services from transportaion to hospitals and mental heatlth facilities, in a sadistic drive to destroy an innocent persons life.

The craft that allows the stalkers the ability to infiltrate all arenas of one persons life, such as work, family, social and more, is a craft that undermines democracy, human rights and social order. Print media, once the vehicle of democracy and constitutional reform, going further back then the days of Thomas Paine, have taken no notice of this sick and menacing crime. Even the more adventurous of news media take no notice, as the war in Iraq, and the war on terror seem to have lead all into a vacuum.

It has been proven by testimonies of stalking victims that through becoming a gang stalking target one is condemned for a life, to a protracted covert assault in which gang stalking tactics are perpetrated, on a daily basis, and in a frequency that may ebb and flow to an extent, but never lets up.

The writer of this text is a targeted individual, who first encountered gang stalking while living and studying in Guangzhou, China, PRC. Beginning early this year, the typical tactics of gang stalking, such as street theater, mirroring, a multitude of mishaps, a series of misfortunes, were all accompanied with several druggings, laced cigarettes, chemicals and fumigations that served to cause nervousness and confusion. Psychological violence through senitizations and directed conversations were underlayed with an intense tactical assault on the targets state of mind and nervous system using chemicals and drugs of one sort or another. Couple this with the fact that the individual, myself, was living abroad, and the typical effects of gang stalking may very well have been intensified.

While returing to the States, covert harassment as well as covert fumigations took place on a international flight, and laced cigarettes encoutered at an international airport, enroute to Denver.
The City of Denver proved to be gang stalking central while during three months of summer 2006, the target was covertly assaulted daily with high frequency.

Fire trucks, medical vehicles, wheel chaired people, homeless people, potential employers,and more, were all brought into a three month long daily assault on this one individual’s psychology and well being.
The Alcoholics Anonymous House, once the target was gaslighted into the recovery culture, was a place where highly planned stalking initiatives where directed at intensive dmoralizations, bogus investgations, and instilation of fear, to which caused the target to think he was being watched by all levels of law enforecement for suspicion of heinous crimes, which included murder, rape, child molestation. Through intense sensitizations, and directed conversations, along with isolation, gang stalking can achieve a reality within the target that is created by stagings and crafted psychological harassments.

From the experience of this target it can be concluded that gang stalking is a highly organized and pervasive, isolating the target, alienating them from all that falls under the three words of life, liberty and happiness. For an innocent person to be the target of such a crime, one that goes well beyond harassment, and can easily lead to the inducement of suicide, is a direct assault on the constitutional foundations of this country.

Gang stalking is the covert destruction of the lives of innocent people. It is a serious threat to the foundations of the American Constitution, far more of a threat than a despotic ruler in Babylon. Let us not be shortsighted, despotism in leadership is not something exclusive to the developing world.

Md k.

Gang stalking tactics:
http://www.usenet- replayer. com/faq/alt. abuse.recovery. html
http://www.multista lkervictims. org/



  1. […] The effects of terror stalking will undoubtedly cause the victim of this horrific crime to appear mentally unstable, for the tactics of psychological harassment, demoralization and dehumanization are so subtle and 100% tailored for the targeted individual, so that a target’s accounts of gang stalking, when heard by others, seems surreal, strange and unbelievable. One of the contentions many people have said in response to my accounts what has happened of this seemingly protracted harassment and insidious activity, is that in the months between October and January of last year, I had engaged in the use of MDMA, with other foreigners in Guangzhou, China, most of them English teachers and foreign teachers. The use was limited to weekends only, and such weekend use was not consistent for the entire three to four month period, and tapered off by mid January. My association with these foreign teachers seems to have led to the set ups, and gaslighting which took place in mid February. It is clear in my mind that these foreign teachers lured me into weekend parties, so that when the terror stalking began, I could be labeled with substance abuse psychosis. This is often the protocal for terror stalking, to cause a victim to fall into vulnerable situations before the stalking. […]

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  2. drugs are used on targets of gang stalking.
    see hear:

    Comment by anonymous — March 27, 2007 @ 3:21 pm

  3. Americans Torturing Americans/please research and publish. …

    Question by Stefan Keith Howard
    Submitted on 6/21/2004
    Related FAQ: N/A
    Rating: Rate this question: N/A Worst Weak OK Good Great
    Americans Torturing Americans/please research and publish.
    Domestic/Homegrown Terrorism-Ultrasonic Torture
    Off-line Hacking/Wireless Intrusions/Emissions Monitoring
    A Window Cleaners Story
    By Stefan Keith Howard

    Open or Closed minded?

    “What you select or choose to perceive is determined by your personal frame of
    reference, that is, the organized whole of your experience up to any given
    moment.” If I did not write and personally experience the following sanctioned
    injustices, I would find the following paragraphs difficult to believe. And hours
    research online will make you a believer.

    Off line Hacking
    Original writing 8-14-00

    I will briefly attempt to explain the technology- Tempest Monitoring or Emissions
    Monitoring is a term given for remotely monitoring computers. Very few people
    realize, anyone with the appropriate equipment can monitor, record, and capture
    computer data from unsuspecting people in the privacy of there homes, place of
    business or mobile laptop while off-line and without the help of any wireless
    networking hardware or software. Imagine, your credit cards’ data, social security
    number, vital personal and business files open and available to anyone. The
    technology is not new. It has been around for some forty years +. Until now the
    threat and main targets have been big business, national (International) security
    or any target that might presume to give the intruder a worthwhile or not so
    worthwhile motive to initiate this stealthy intrusive activity. Computer monitors,
    external ports, cables, CPUs, printers, modems, and even wall sockets are
    means of which Electronic Emissions are captured and exploited. With a
    directional antenna strategically placed transceiver, relay and signal amplification
    bugs, we are all at the mercy of these curious and sometimes vicious self serving
    people. All computer manufacturers have first hand knowledge of the signature,
    fingerprint, individual frequencies emitted from each and every product they
    produce. These non disclosed specs are regulated and controlled (FCC Regs.)
    by the government. While ON-LINE, enter key words Ultrasonic Torture, Tempest
    Monitoring, Microwave Weapons, Crowd dispersal Device, Government Torture
    Tactics, Electronic Harassment or VMADS for a wealth of info on the subjects.
    More on ultrasonic torture later. The Unofficial Tempest Pages is a good place to
    start. Why stop at just monitoring? The next and most obvious step would be
    Remote Write Capability with mouse control. “BINGO !”I believe it’s called “Blue
    Snarfling”. You now have the power to rule the world. The unlimited possibilities
    and exploits of such power is and has been a reality for sometime now. When (if
    not already) the technology filters down to the private sector and the hacker clubs
    freely place instructions within their network, there goes what is remaining of our
    supposed privacy in the universal neighborhood. The FBI and other enterprising
    individuals have this capability. All persecutional paranoid delusions aside, I am
    being monitored as I type. The Ultrasonic Torture on a level from 1 to 10 is as I
    type at 4. It is my discuss and disrespect for a few arrogant bully types that
    prompt this writing. Little slimy buggy type things scurry quickly when the rock is
    over turned. I hope to inform and enlighten people who are unknowingly targeted
    and victimized, not to debase an otherwise respectable organization. I do
    question if Ultrasonic Torture and Tempest Monitoring is an unspoken accepted
    coded policy throughout the organization.


    Who do I think I am and Why Me?

    I am Stefan Howard a window cleaner and songwriter from Philadelphia. In 1999
    I called the Philadelphia FBI office to report the alleged theft of music files from
    my computer during an instant message. After directing my call to the computer
    crime department, an appointment was made and an agent was to come to my
    residence to take an initial report. The 10am meeting was not honored. I was not
    notified of a rescheduling. After three weeks of repeated calls and leaving voice
    messages to request a meeting, there was no response. I finally called and left a
    message complaining about the seemingly non responsive attitude. At this point
    I believe a decision was made to investigate me. Since June 1999 I have been
    the target and victim of Tempest Monitoring with write capability and mouse
    control. (Port and Input device frequency matching) As of December 2000, I
    have been the target of Ultrasonic Torture. Mans inhumanity to man is alive and
    kicking. Again, it is being arrogantly used as I type. This letter has been updated.
    The Office Of Professional Responsibility and your congressman must be
    forwarded a copy of this letter.

    This part reads like fiction!?!?

    For those of you familiar with wireless hacking, computer forensics and intrusion
    detection, I am sure you will recognize the characteristic tell tail sighs of the
    following exploits, I have a Mac Power PC 6500. First I noticed my mouse
    moving independently regardless of my actions. Also the mouse speed would
    change at will. Logically I replaced the mouse and mouse control software and
    ran diagnostic and repair programs. the problem persisted. The intruder would
    actually show up when I ran programs such as ADB Probe, ADB scan etc.
    Microtek Track Ball was listed as a device remotely connected. I emailed 3 Megs.
    of screen shots of this evidence to the New York FBI Office. The computers
    monitor would flash very brightly on boot up. While playing PAC Man I actually
    had a remote adversary who would retard my controls when I would go for the
    power pill. At this point I knew nothing about Emissions Monitoring and was both
    incensed and fascinated. These were simply preludes to what would become a
    full fledged around the clock self serving, ego and hate driven, childlike illegal
    harassment. A half hours work would take days. The attacks became
    progressively vicious. Thousands of hours of work, data bases, contracts,
    painstakingly drawn Web Graphics destroyed. I would build these documents
    over and over only to be destroyed. The order given probably resembles the
    following. “Let him get so far with his dream and then wipe him out.” This type of
    order along with the clearance it takes to use and implement remote computer
    sabotage and ultrasonic torture suggest the involvement of highly ranked
    representatives of the FBI. Frequency matching and transmitting the signal to a
    computers input device and or ports is often used when implementing a
    “Wireless Hack”. Writing and inserting malicious boot code, synchronizing and
    duplicating disk while configuring communications software and ports are all
    means of gaining and maintaining a remote connection. Out of my league?
    Absolutely. Abuse of power? Absolutely. Expensive sophisticated state of the art
    equipment bought by taxpayers being use to psychologically and physically
    torture and torment an American Window Cleaner?!?…….. Damn!! What Oath
    did they take? While ON-LINE the assailant would somehow prevent me from
    going to key web sites. e.g Sen… Specter, ACLU, Harpo Productions, FCC,
    Dateline, 60 Minutes, Department Of Justice Etc. During this frustrating hassle I
    devilishly entered GUNS into my search engine and was immediately transported
    to related Sites. I have no interest in guns. I spoke with Carmen at Sen… Arlen
    Specters office and she referred me to Mr. Cunningham who subsequently
    referred me to Mr. Kenny Evans. Mr. Evans seemed to be sensitive to my
    concerns. Mr. Dennis Cohen of the Philadelphia DAs office is aware of theses
    alleged invasions of privacy, 4th Amendment, Civil Rights Violations, but it seems
    he does not have the manpower to investigate my claims. I have had police
    officers come out on several occasions when the attacks were particularly blatant
    and vicious. The general responses was, “It is not within our jurisdiction”, or a
    mild wide eyed smile. I have reported my claims to the Phila. Detective Division
    and Internal Affairs just in case the twenty or more recorded calls to 911
    mysteriously disappear. A message is meaningless if it is unheard.

    Insert and Update: as of 4/22/03

    I have placed at least 100 calls to 911 and over 20 to 215-418-4000 requesting
    justice. The FBI reps simply say “We don’t do that”. On one call I asked, “If you
    are not the ones doing this, why haven”t you arrested the people who are”? The
    response was silence. Sigh!
    Whales Communicate by high and low frequency sound waves. Thank you Mr.
    Million years old Mammal for giving man an idea to make another weapon.


    Only the guilty participants really know the Motive. I can only presume. Maybe
    simply because they can. Maybe this is an in the field case study. Maybe
    because some are ego driven. Maybe they do not like me. Maybe the preceding
    motive is unprofessional. Maybe my profile fits. Maybe they enjoy wasting
    taxpayers money. Maybe I should not write when I am angry. Maybe they did not
    count on me writing the article, Maybe they think Plausible Deniability and
    Untouchable are the same words. Maybe it started out as an investigation and
    just got out of hand. Maybe this is case study number 8,605 ST-UT (The ST-UT
    stands for Psychological Torture and Ultrasonic Torture respectively). Maybe this
    is new FBI tempest Training 101. Maybe they are perfecting and testing the
    newest and latest gizmos in a real life in the field laboratory environment. Maybe
    they can smooch my donkey. Maybe I have a fat chance in Skinnyland of
    exposing and prosecuting these hypocrites who conveniently place themselves
    above the law in the name of the law. What is worst?, a criminal. or a criminal
    with a badge. Maybe I can not afford state of the art scanners, bug detectors,
    frequency scramblers, emissions cloaking materials or other counter surveillance
    equipment costing in the tens of thousands. Maybe someone of equal or superior
    rank has a conscious. Maybe this oppression is fulfilling a pea brains childhood
    need. I could never work for a jerk who ordered me to attempt to destroy a mans
    aspirations and spirit. The subordinates undoubtedly enjoy the so called work.
    Maybe “Unspeakable Acts, Ordinary People, The dynamics of torture” by John
    Conroy should be placed on your “Books to Read” List. Maybe this writing will
    not get the exposure it deserves.

    Legal, Investigative, and Press Request

    I seek legal and investigative assistance, I will meet, at your convenience with
    any legal, medical, investigative or press organization who will listen. In my
    opinion all new computers sold within the US should give reasonable notice of
    the possibilities of and realities of Tempest Monitoring. The notices should be
    placed on the packaging and within the users manual. Is there a Lawyer in
    American who would consider a class action suit? Also, The medical profession
    should be notified and more sensitive to allegations of this type. There are many
    ways to justify and confirm my suspicions and the results would provide empirical
    evidence. Feel free to fax or forward a copy of this letter to your
    City/State/Government representatives and other interested parties.

    Stefan Keith Howard
    Broken Brain Music
    6300 Walnut Street Apt 220 (Old Address)
    Philadelphia, Pa 19139
    Phone 215 471 4177 (Old Phone) Out of Order
    Email: Umagesty at
    Note: Ninety percent of the above was written during August 2000.

    White Noise/Pink Noise
    /SPLs/Cause and effect

    Domestic Terrorism-Level Ten?

    Americans have died and are dying fighting terrorism. Why is terrorism being
    used by Americans to target Americans? If just 5 Governors or Senators
    personally experienced level ten of Ultrasonic torture, heads would role in center
    city Philadelphia and Washington. Note: “Level Ten”, might be on a scale from
    one to twenty! It is my opinion that these non lethal weapons are indeed
    LETHAL. These military developed weapons (also see VMADS) should be
    directed if necessary at Americas Enemies, not Americans that have been
    denied the right of due process and who fit a particular “PROFILE”…. “God Bless

    First Physical Assault
    December 2000 Merry Christmas

    Using Global positioning technology and transmitter implants, the following
    speaks for itself. The first time I felt the “burning sensation” in my inner ear was
    December 2000. I was reading at the breakfast table when I experienced what
    seemed to be pressure building within my ears. At first this would occur when I
    began to read. (“Don’t read Stefan Howard”.) Reading gives people the power to
    make better choices. This intimidating behavior modification strategy failed and
    the intensity and frequency increased daily. I guess I was suppose to
    subliminally associate reading with pain or displeasure. Today is Sunday, March
    23rd, 2003. Since December 2000 on almost a daily basis I have been assaulted
    both physically and psychologically. When the media releases this story on an
    international scale, victims world wide will come forward to testify. Until then, this
    cowardly illegal injustice will be an ongoing longitudinal study and the victims will
    continue to suffer and die. This is not the first time experiments conducted by so
    called behavioral scientist have grossly crossed legal lines. I would like to remind
    you that everything I type is being monitor and captured in real time. We are all
    influenced and subjected to behavioral conditioning in one way or another.

    Break in of apartment 320
    March 2001…Noise Campaign

    This paragraph will only be available upon request. “During March 2001 while
    residing in Apt 220 at the Walnut Park Plaza,(6250 Walnut St. Phila.. Pa. 19131)
    and after three months of requesting information from management as to who is
    occupying a supposed empty apartment, I broke down the door of 320.
    Arrest/Mercy Hospital/Psychiatric Ward/
    Friends Hospital. (Whitewash with slanderous out of context
    statements/remarks from the prosecution) /Septa/Final

    One Horrible morning!

    Wireless hacker makes special efforts to indicate intellectual property theft,
    sabotage and “Electronic Harassment” will continue as usual, regardless!!! Does
    the primary mission supersede a “World Catastrophe”?????? Someones’
    priorities are indeed questionable.(See half white half black star trek episode
    starring Frank Gorshen)

    Please post this letter on the web and forward to the media.

    Credibility Issues

    There will be obvious attempts to discredit my truths. This is possibly know as
    Standard Operational Procedure when dealing with whistle blowers. I would hope
    the reader of this paper would be objective and intuitive. Ask the question, why
    would this person go to all this trouble to inform or influence the reader?. My
    answer is……..Good honest dedicated people work and pray for this country
    while others use people for their own selfish, hateful gratifications. I am
    passionately compelled.

    The Ongoing Hypocrisy

    For those of you who can, check my (2002),2003, and (2004) phone records.
    Each time you see a listing stating calls made to 215-418-4000, I was being
    tortured. This was and is my attempt to curve plausible deniability and to create a
    paper trail.

    Insert 5/17/02….911 operator Laughs and makes sarcastic remarks

    Unanswered Questions

    How many news stories written in your local paper on page five that have gotten
    one paragraph with a small title something like….”Man goes berserk and shoots
    fellow workers. Or lets try ” Man claims the government is reading his Mind”. Or
    why don’t some of you doubtful readers call the Public Broadcasting Station and
    request that a program titled FRONTLINE (PBS) be shown on the MAJOR
    networks. The documentary I refer to is entitled ” A CRIME OF INSANITY”. “The
    Ralph Tortorici story”.He was targeted and got screwed big time. He committed
    suicide while incarcerated. To be tortured while in a jail cell must have been
    maddening. This is one of many tactics to compromise your an my supposed
    arrogance and integrity. Intimidation, fear, and suppression are the tools of those
    who wish to be or stay in power. How about some AMERICANS seeking a
    change join me in shining a bright light on the internal injustices within our
    government. Remember..I am a window cleaner. This operation is ungodly. Did
    my brother Wayne Howard die from a electronic induced grand mal seizure on
    Dec. 19th 2002. He was a Korean War Veteran. Exhume the body!

    Closing Remarks
    May 1st, 2003 11am

    “UT” Every morning and various times of the day…Regardless the location.
    There are many other Target/Victims. Please help this story get the media
    coverage it deserves. I would like Americans to help the other targeted people
    who have placed aluminum foil around their heads!… Like throwing stones at
    tanks? The symbolism is unforgettable. While watching the popular “X Files”, a
    seasoned FBI agent said, “ It’s one thing to kill a man..but to kill a mans spirit is a
    wonderful thing to watch.” The writers of this cult hit series are very insightful.
    Pray for the target/victims who have placed aluminum foil around their heads that
    can not begin to defend against “ The Tank. My stone is a pebble, but a lot of
    pebble pitchers will eventually (I hope) cause mechanical problems. Please pick
    up a projectile and toss it. Your contribution will enhance the Murphys Law
    Theory. I have named this unamerican
    arrogant hypocrisy…………………………………………………..

    “Satellite Mounted Ultrasonic Torture”


    Fast Forward to 06/11/2004

    Our men and woman are dying daily fighting terrorism. Who are these Computer
    Crime Unit pompous, arrogant, hypocrites terrorizing there own people. This
    Tuskegee Experiment mentality with a High Tech Twist is simply shameful. I
    respect all Law enforcement agencies and realize the small percentages involved
    in corrupt activities will always be a reality. Say a prayer for our people laying it
    on the line to keep us a safer people from most of our enemies. Evil flourishes
    when good people do nothing.

    The following is a partial list of persons who have been sent this letter via fax,
    snail mail or have had my comments deposited in their voice mail box. Please
    excuse my spelling.

    The Capital Gang, Larry King, Johnnie Cocran Tonight, Howard Stern, Agent
    Killgore (BCI), Us Attorney (Phila) Inspector General (King Of Prussia), Chaka
    Fattah, Robert Brady, Jim at Robert Bradys office, Jeff Cole Fox news, DOJ, Rick
    Sentorum, Chris Inyard, Victor Nuefield, Barbar Walters, Ed Bradly, Mike
    Wallace Morle Safer, Dan Rather, Office of Professional Responsibility, EPA,
    Harpo Productions.. Dianne Hudson, Megan, and Mrs Rikenten ,FRONTLINE,
    Jim Leher,Peggy Robinson, Mayor Street, Lyn Abraham,Naacp, ACLU,
    Democratic National Committee. FCC, Federal Judges, Psychologist, Ear nose
    and Throat, Associated Press, Chicago Sun-Times, Mr John Kerry, Mr. Bush
    and more. Email to at least one Congressman or Senator in each State.

    I am being Assaulted NOW!
    06/11/2004..06:52 AM
    Nothing Has Changed!

    Stefan Keith Howard
    Whistle Blower

    Please forward this letter to Mr. Bob Woodward. You see, every time I try to
    locate contact info for Mr. Woodward I am immediately disconnected from AOL.
    Is somebody AFRAID of Mr. Woodward?

    Answer by Chalky
    Submitted on 10/22/2004
    Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: N/A Worst Weak OK Good Great
    Mate, have you tried to monitor the evil-doers that are zapping you? Build a
    Faraday cage with some chicken wire or something.

    Answer by Thomas Z
    Submitted on 11/11/2005
    Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: N/A Worst Weak OK Good Great
    I don’t know who installed and watching me every day and night in my house.

    What I know is that my head is under ultrasonic sound beam ( maybe microwave
    beam too ) every night when I am in sleep. The beam has several effects on my
    body. It creates dreams, I am tried/questioned in some dreams. It causes
    manhood rigid and erected. It causes headaches. After long time exposed
    under the beams, the manhood is rigid and erected only when my head under

    Same as you, I reported this to FBI via their website. I called Maryland FBI
    office. No one takes this serious. It could be that the situation is not bad
    enough (I am still alive) for them to involve.

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    Comment by Stefan Keith Howard — December 11, 2009 @ 7:56 pm

  4. Best article so far on this most gruesome matter. Death to those who rape, maime & kill those who can’t defend themselves.
    Note: Those who do such heinous crimes are sexually & mentally inept.
    Note: You are better than the heinous.
    Note: The heinous are illegal and you are legal.
    Note: The heinous are statistically boring.
    Note: The heinous shoved themselves into your life not vice versa.
    Note: Your bunch of friends can contact you via normal legal means,
    & do not in anyway need sexually & mentally inept idiot illegals in your nor their lives.
    Note: The Government & the Police have an established route/procedure/processes that already work well
    enough to capture criminals.
    Note: Just because the damage has already happened, does not mean the damage has to happen again.
    Note: just because a friend has a illegally blinded girlfriend does not mean all his female friends
    need to be illegally blinded also.
    Note: Just because your relatives had an illness, contrived illegally or not, does not mean you need to
    obtain that illness contrived nor illegally.
    Note: Just because you use the present tense, does not give the heinous reason tocontinue the maiming,
    raping & murders.
    The heinous’ network is superfluous & irrelevant to intelligent life.
    They are perverts, rapists & murderers of children & their families.
    They are bored by themselves, by others like them &
    and are at such illegally drugged up limits that they find themselves less bored
    illegally perving on children, their families etc.
    They hide themselves, cowardly, knowing they themselves are heinous.
    They utilise any fictious means to hide themselves. ie. via levels of finance, or amount of drugs, or level of
    violence & heinousness, or by area or by who ‘owns’ which device where, or by even gender and age.
    Yes, being paedophiles they utilise kids to do some of their heinous activities.
    Naively thinking victims bodies would diferentiate between any of their categories.
    Most embarassing for them is that they find themselves so boring that they utilise the minds of legal citizens
    for sexual & metal enjoyment. The heinous’ 13.5 years of repetative comments about hating or anger etc
    negate their own sexuality and their belief they’re better than those they gang up on.
    They seek & insist on a ‘battle’ when the victim can not fight, not physically nor psychologically.
    Again advertising the heinous’ sexual & mental ineptitude.
    Perhaps they need to check for extra y or x chromosome to freely feel its ok to be legally
    homo(un-in the heinous’ case)sexual.

    Am in NSW, Oz. Travelled in most of Oz.
    The heinous advertised themselves when ever they could, & have done so in various ways for 13.5 years,
    before i even reported on them.Yet they still maintain they did not advertise themselves, whilst they still do.
    Again advertising themselves as sexually and mentally inept.

    The heinous have shot at me with the assistance of the illegal RFIDs in my body. They;
    – caused about 60 heart attacks of my heart (mild)
    – caused about 120 strokes in my brain (mild)
    – destroyed my night vision
    – destroyed my ability to toilet myself appropriately (previously i had no problems daily doing bowel movements
    & urinary passing three times per day minimum.
    – caused my throat to lose its tone changing my voice as the vocals chords are ripped apart
    – destroyed my muscle tone. especially in the stomach and breast area due to their exploding illegal devices.
    – destroyed my hearing, where i was able to hear relatives speak easily
    – destroyed my brain such that i have medium memory problems, jutilising thingymibob as a 70 year old rather
    than a person half that age.
    – destroyed my finances damaging 4 cars i owned successively, excess security for locks etc
    – caused excess landfill due to damagin white goods, cars, mattresses etc
    – stole from the government hospital system by causing mortal harm to myself, familyt & friends
    – murdered one uncle & three male family friends, and one of their daughters they forced her to commit suicide.
    – they damaged the environment through loss of excess water used to for example, wash the heinous sweat squirted
    onto my underarms, and to wash the battery or hydrochloric acid from my scalp,
    or to flush the toilet excessively in a vain attempt to remove a rape item.
    – destryoyed the quality of my teeth, mouth and gums again causing financial loss.
    – destroyed any sense of peace and tranquility i knew of before the perverts thrust themselves into my life.
    – when the heinous are bored, as they always are, they buzz/ping/frequency the rfids in poor victims body, as if to
    remind the victim the heinous are sexually & mentally inept, even though the heinous are sexually groaning to]
    themselves like monkey’s anus’ to the victim anyway, and even though the cuts, burns, cooks & poisons etc are
    still causing pain to the victim. The heinous ne3eds to monkey anus their feonomes at each other, publicly,

    Once classified as a ‘nark’ of illegal drug addicts & of those who stored 1 meter acid baths in their bedrooms, i’ve been harassed by the heinous & more.
    The following has occurred to me, my family & my friends, by the heinous squirting;
    – the RFIDs within our bodies via our orifices and on & in our stuff, with;
    – laser, radiation, microwaves & radio frequencies
    – the heinous’ illogically & unjustifiably transmit their boring unintelligent thoughts,
    spoken via illegal audio devices is intolerable also.
    – The victim is already more intelligent than the heinous’, other wise they would not have thrust themselves at you.
    The heinous’ attempt to ‘teach’ you criminal lingo is boring, repetitive and elongates their venting and advertisement
    of their sexual & mental ineptitudes.
    – the heinous also transmit your thoughts and words
    – the heinous use a victims body illegally photographing in still & frame mode.
    – body fluids (vaginal & penis fluids, faecal matter, urine, phlegm, blood, water/carcas of a dog, toilet water)
    – harmful/poisons/fluids (eg. acid/battery/hydrochloric, ratsac, bromide, arsenic, bbq fats/oils, detergents, emolients)
    – harmful/poisonous objects (eg insects, parasites, glass, mollusc shells, tin, aluminium, needles, matches/heads)

    Many names come up in regards to electoronic harassment devices, including RFIDs & PSIDs, eg at

    My question, assuming i no longer report unduly to appropriate authorities about illegal druggies,
    & the illegal druggies find themselves sexually & mentally ept without harassing me, my family & friends,
    ie, they no longer squirt me & my family/friends etc, nor illegally perve on me etc, is;

    How do i safely have removed the heionous devices & weapons input into my body & my families’/friend’s body?
    Would an airport xray machine assist to spot the devices?
    Considering the amount of stuff embedded with these dastardly devices, what device could i purchase to cancel the frequency emitter/anul it?
    Do MRIs explode the illegal devices within?
    Are CTs really better to pick up that which is unatural in my head?
    (Noting that an xray of my teeth failed to show anything except some mass in my gum line).
    Which website best describes such heinous activity?
    Which website lists victims accounts re the above?
    Thank you for your time in answering.

    I am in physical & pschological pain. My family & friends have great concern for my well being.
    Since 1997 i have been inflicted with the following;
    Illegally squirted in/on & around my body & in & on my stuff, with that listed below;
    My families & friends & their stuff have also been so abused.

    Laser, radiation, microwaves, radio frequencies
    body fluids (eg. blood, phlegm, urine, faeces, water from a dog wash, animal fats/skin, human ashes & dog carcases)
    poisions (eg. ratsac, arsenic, legal & illegal drugs, oils, fuels, glues, battery acid, hydrochloric acid, chloroform, rohypenol, contraceptives, diarrhea and constipation tablets etc)
    sharp objects (eg glass, metal, sand, needles, match sticks/heads, mollusc shells, RFIDs/receive transmitters responders)
    blunt/soft objects (eg. eye contact pieces, cardboard, paper, tissues)
    car damage, white goods damaged, excess water/electricity/phone bills, forced loss of jobs, isolation from friends & family etc due to them witnessing the symtoms of criminals actions, financial loss, theft.

    Since 2000 i’ve reported to the Police/Crime stoppers re illegal druggies activities. I’m not an illegal druggy. I don’t socialise much nor go to discos/bands much at all (about once a year).

    In about 2000 three ‘men’ trespassed on my 8 arrabri crescent jindalee qld rental’s front yard in the evening. They held laser guns & squirted the red light of the laser into the house via the windows. My then boyfriend had visitors there including a young girl at the time who was scared by the red lasers.

    When i was 6 i was rubbed on my genitalia by a stranger who may have been of highschool age. My 6 year old girlfriend’s hymen was punctured by his finger. I was not able to appear in court to assist my girlfriend & i as my mother did not inform me of the court case. I do not blame my mother as she is blameless. i love her.
    My girlfriend i bumped into a few years ago & she said she was moving to Tasmania, and that there was no point in pursuing the case having happened so long ago.

    In May 2002 i was raped by a sexually & mentally inept stranger born with male genitalia in bungendore after he poisoned me with rohypenol via injecting it into my drinks or food, into my alsation & into my father. i could not wake my dog nor my dad for hours. I had not changed the locks on the rental. I awoke strange, poisoned. One day i awoke with black 1.5cm hairs with a curl on the bottom half of the hair & some stranger’s penis fluids/spoof on & in my genitalia & thighs & stomach. Again i felt strange, posioned, unsteady, not able to think clearly, weak and disgusted. Three days later i awoke with a purple lession on my upper inner right thigh. About 1.5 weeks later i remembered an unfit untoned ‘male’ straddling me & holding his hand over my eyes. The neighbour next door, i was at 62 or 65 duralla crescent, said his brother had visited whilst speaking to me over the fence. This was the first & only time that neighbour said anything to me.
    I took myself & my dad to town where i cried in the waiting room of a female Doctor. She called the Police & a Psychiatrist. She intended to place me in a mental incarceration facility. At no time was my statement submitted to the Police.

    In mid 2003 i opened my 9 Plante Place, Conder canberra front door to what looked like 3 jehovas witnesses, born as male, about 17 years old. I looked to the neighbour’s door to the right & two 17ish ‘boys’ were at the front door. i looked back to the 3 in front of me. A dirty rag with what i think was chloroform on it was smashed into my nose & mouth. I immediately started to fall unconscious whilst they dragged me up the corridor, past my barking dog who was outside but could see me being dragged, to the back bedroom. i awoke feeling strange, weak, confused & disgusted. About 2 weeks later i talked to the elderly lady opposite me & she inquired about the 3 ‘boys’ who were at my front boys door. i immediately said what boys, until i remembered what had happened. The lady moved out shortly thereafter. i hope she is ok.

    In about 2003 my construction industry ex-boss’s (an obvious pervert etc) son walked into the office in front of his father, who said nothing but smiled. His son Chris said ‘you’ll be shafted’ or some such. I did not understand at the time how heinous the son chris was. The boss’s other employee Nghia said ‘jihad’ to me or some such. i also did not understand how heinous this was at the time. The boss’s electrician friend allen, had a rental. I applied for it and got it not knowing he was the boss’ friend. Allen threatened me by saying ‘i will kill you five times’. He repeated this three times. I had told him i was moving out before he said this. i moved out even faster when he said it.

    In about 2003 my tyre was slashed whilst parked outside the work place.

    In 2004/5 my 1/616 unit in Surf beach Batemans Bay was urinated in three times on my bed. The third time the carpets, walls & my stuff was uriniated on as well. I had not changed the locks. The lady upstairs said those at 626 beach road surf beach were friends of the previous tenant. The previous tenant however was found dead on his kitchen floor with multiple cuts all over his body. Talking to the Police when they checked the urine, which was later checked by a Forensic except it was too small a case to work with, i got the jist that the dead ex-tenant could not have cut himself so many times. i wrote down licence numbers of those visiting etc 626, even walking out close to see the plates, obviously. My boyfriend started coming home with glass embedded in his arms. His car licence plate was stolen. Rocks were thrown at my car windscreen whilst i was driving by someone who was driving a silver station wagon past a primary school.

    In mid 2008 a friend told me of a 70 year old woman , Dooreen r? H? in Tuross where there already was two illegal drug houses apparently. A bikie stood out the front sometimes who she did not know. From the back ‘boys’ broke into the roof space. Two of her dogs were poisoned dead in her yard. She then kept the other four in her house. Faecal matter occured in the lounge. Cigarette & other burns occurred on her arm. Walls were pulled down & the ceiling damaged. She moved out late last year i think. Her mother’s house was earlier burnt down in Sydney.

    Every hour someone somehow is screaming, groaning, chanting or singing at me against my will, via electronic devices or by screaming from their rental properties/etc.

    My present boyfriend and i just completed an almost three week trip to north of bundaberg. The entire time i was squirted in the face, throat etc via the car’s vents etc. Our dishwashing cloth was urinated upon. Cars witgh the same licence plates passed us so many times in two states such that it was not coincidental.

    Since 2006 my rentals have all emitted noises from the roof space, eg orgasms, lighters being used, the creaks of knees, criminals talking to each other and at me, mobile phones rings. The archetraves and where the ceiling meets the walls have cracks in them now.

    Please check the beyondharassment facebook account & the websites go into detail about that above.
    Please assist.

    Comment by beyondharassment — December 17, 2009 @ 12:56 pm

  5. What’s it going to take to prove that organized stalking is happening?

    Way too much.

    Comment by Jeremy — January 28, 2010 @ 8:37 am

  6. Dear Friends,
    I have also had similar crimes (as you have described) targeted against me since 2005, when I moved to the old Heritage USA property in Fort Mill, SC.
    I am a Christian, and so The Lord has protected me, healed me, and He is working it all out for my good, as I have become stronger than ever.
    I pray for you as well that The Lord will heal you completely, deliver you from all harm and evil, and that He will work all of the persecution for your good.
    May you receive full compensation, and may these perps and the community organizers be brought to justice, and everyone that helps them.
    They are trying to undermine and destroy the moral integrity of America by targeting those who cannot be bought or corrupted.
    I have found to a large extent that those being targeted are highly moral, patriotic, creative and many are true Christians and all are very good and innocent citizens.
    The Lord knows all that is going on, and justice will be served.
    Trust God, and He will bring you through victoriously.
    The Lord bless all of the TI’s and may they be justified, and may all of the truth be exposed to all.


    Comment by Margaret (Peggy) Kannaday — February 10, 2010 @ 8:26 pm

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  10. Reblogged this on Citizens, not serfs.

    Comment by prayerwarriorpsychicnot — May 24, 2014 @ 7:10 pm

  11. Organized Stalking in Chennai, India started as Cyberstalking in 2008 for me.
    Please visit my YouTube Channel ‘OrganizedStalking ChennaiCity’ to see videos of my harassment. Do visit the Playlist section to see Playlist Dr John Hall Interviews and Playlist Celebrity Targeted Individuals

    Comment by oschennai — August 27, 2014 @ 1:07 pm

  12. They harass people for Delta 32 CCR5 bone marrow, it’s the cure for aids. They drive people to suicide and dig up their bones. They get a wire tap order. Break in your house and put in a Digital Angel, then they Frey you. It’s a underground industry.

    Comment by J Justice — November 20, 2014 @ 1:49 am

  13. krudontreetube.Com

    Gang Stalking and the Demise of Moral Consciouness | Gang Stalking Journal China US

    Trackback by krudontreetube.Com — February 2, 2015 @ 12:57 pm

  14. Hoping you had a nice Thanksgiving with your beautiful family. Sending prayers and hugs your way… Click

    Comment by lorenzaholman34388 — April 10, 2016 @ 12:44 am

  15. […] The case of minigh dimol aka ‘waterinch’ is all over “the internet”and his claim that on  several occasion’s, which he can date and virtually timestamp, of the “rapid onset” of his OGS “symptoms,and delusions” which he had NEVER had before meeting specific, nameable people in a foreign country and doing MDHA.” […]

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